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Here's a little information on who I am, where I come from, what I do, etc.

Who I Am:

I live in Miami-Dade County, Florida. I currently live in the southern part of the County, near Homestead. Believe it or not, I'm actually a native of Miami. I say that because it seems like everybody here is from 'somewhere else'. In fact, when I tell people I was born here, their usual reaction is "really?" My grandfather moved to Miami in 1903, and we Robinsons have been here ever since

I've always been fascinated with computers. I took my first computer class in 1965 - Fortran programming, as I recall. I bought my first personal computer in 1985 - the original IBM PC. It came with 256Kb of RAM, 2 5¼" 360Kb floppy drives, and no hard drive. I splurged and got an additional 256Kb of memory, to bring it up to 512Kb. Then I really went all out and bought a third-party add-in card, to bring it up to the maximum at the time, 640Kb. A few months later, I went out and bought a 10Mb hard disk on a card. I just knew I could never fill up all that space. (Famous last words)

I've always been fascinated with programming. I have done commercial database programming, creating full applications with dBase III & IV and R:base back in the DOS days BW (before Windows).

I now own at least 6 PCs, which are all running on my home network. They are running Windows 7 & Windows Vista. A couple are dual-booting between Vista and Ubuntu® Linux.  I think I'm addicted to buying PCs, so it's probably just a matter of time until I get tired of dual-booting and buy a Linux-only box And I'd really love to add a Mac with the Intel CPU  to the network, so I'm not done yet.

What I Do For A Living:

In March of 2010, I retired from my job as a programmer & web designer with Miami-Dade County. With my new leisure time, I'm devoting more time to my part-time business as a site designer and software trainer.  With Miami-Dade, I worked as  a web developer, using ASP .Net, MS Visual Studio .NET, MS SQL Server 2005, and JavaScript. I also supported legacy apps which were originally developed using  ASP and VB Script.  I'm also ltrying to master C# programming.. Previously, I also worked as a software trainer (MS Office apps) and doing database programming (SQL Server, MS Access).

Getting back to why I need so many PCs - the real truth is, it's a guy thing.

Where I Do For Fun:

I'm sure you'll be shocked when I say that I spend most of my free time in front of a computer screen. My current projects are:

  • Becoming more proficient in Linux
  • Learning more about Windows 7
  • Improving my C# programming.
  • Develop another website using only Linux and open-source apps.
  • Building up my part-time business.
  • Doing genealogical research. I have been able to trace my ancestors as far as 1820, and I plan to continue researching

I also enjoying watching the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and Florida (soon to be Miami) Marlins in season, and spending time with my kids. (I didn't forget about them. You'll read more about them later. If you're curious now, click here to go there now).

Years of not being careful about what I ate finally came back and bit me in late-2004. That's when I was diagnosed as suffering from renal failure. Since then, I have been receiving dialysis treatments three days a week I'm fortunate in that my body tolerates it better than a lot of people. The biggest inconvenience is that I'm tied up to a machine for about 15 hours a week. I've adapted to it now, since the reality is I'll be doing this until I get a kidney transplant. To make the most effective use of that time, I carry a laptop with me and work on the projects listed above. No point in crying over spilled milk.

I also developed some coronary artery blockage, and had double cardiac bypass surgery in August, 2010. I had great surgeons, and I'm doing fine now.

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