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Our Inside Cats

We have both indoor and outdoor cats. The indoor cats have all been de-clawed, so we dont allow them to go out - they wouldn't be able to defend themselves. So they just stay inside and are spoiled and pampered by both myself and my wife. They are listed here in age order, oldest to youngest: Their pictures will be posted here soon.








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Our Outside Cats

The cats listed here are strays who have discovered that we are an easy mark for a free meal. Some are friendly and crave attention, Others only want a meal, but don's want to have anything to do with us after that. Either way, we enjoy having them around. Come back soon to see their pics.




Imposter L1, Imposter L2, Imposter D1 & Imposter D2: These are not really our cats. In fact, we really don't want to feed them. Unfortunately, their owners apparently don't feed them at all, so they always come back to us. In case you're wondering about the odd names, L1 and L2 have the same coloring s Lightning, and D1 and D2 have the same coloring as Dipstick.

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