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About My Kids:

I have three wonderful young adult kids, who light up my life. I also have four step-kids from previous marriages, who have provided me with six  wonderful grandkids. I know I look much too young to be a grandfather, but looks can be deceiving. I'll try to tell you a little about them now.


This is my daughter, Bianca, She is now a senior at Grambling State University. Bianca was an excellent shooting guard (4 years on the varsity) in HS, but is restricting herself to academics in college, She is also an extremely talented hip-hop dancer, and excels at liturgical miming, both at 3MBC and the church she attends in Louisiana. Go to my Video page to see her doing both. If you'd like to drop her a line, click here. She is also a member of the Army ROTC program at Grambling State University.





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This is my daughter, Precious. She is also a very talented dancer, and was a varsity cheerleader in high school. In case you're wondering about the gown, this was taken as her fabulous Sweet Sixteen party in 2006, the social event of the season. She is the Math whiz of the family, and is an excellent all-around student.

She hopes one day to be involved in some type of health care profession, or to be a superstar model. You can drop her a line here.




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This is my son, Franklin. He is also a talented dancer. 6½ years ago, he performed as a tap dancer in a Florida Grand Opera presentation. His first love, though, like his sisters, is hip hop dancing.

To drop him a line, click here.


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This is my step-daughter from a previous marriage, Cecile. Since she's Jamaican, she has a pet name (same as our nicknames), which is Debbie. She is a Correctional Officer here in Miami.

She is also the mother of my oldest grandchild, Brinetta.



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This is Debbie's sister, Michelle. She is also the mother of Malik and Mikaya. She works for the federal government.




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Wayne is the younger brother of Debbie and Michele. He is also the father of Shane and Cheyenne. He works in the parimutuel industry.

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Cedric is the son of my late wife Sarah. He is a former All-County defensive lineman, and played collegiately for the South Carolina Gamecocks. .

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